Zareen Khan slaps a**holes at a store launch after they try to touch her inappropriately

We have all heard case of mob mentality and transgressions that almost always happen. Recently, actress Zareen Khan had to suffer such a harrowing experience in Aurangabad when she visited the city for a store launch. Reportedly, she was mobbed by a sea of fans gathered and it all turned awry when a few creeps crossed the line and tried to brush past her or touch her inappropriately.

It all happened two days ago when Zareen attended a store launch in Aurangabad. A throng of fans stood outside the store, waiting for the actress to make an appearance. However, as she tried to reach her car, a bunch of them tried to molest her. Since Zareen is not the one to take it lying down, she whacked some sense into the miscreants. Apparently, the crowd became unruly, so much so, that the police were compelled to resort to lathi charge. An eyewitness was quoted saying, “Zareen gave it back to them very well, those guys deserved to be put in place. Better arrangements need to be made if and when celebrities are called to any place.”

Earlier, Zareen was in the news when a rider rammed into her car and died. An officer from Anjuna police station told Mumbai Mirror, “The actress was in an Innova and the driver was taking a U-turn when the accident occurred. The car’s occupants also sustained minor injuries. Further investigation will be done on the basis of CCTV footage and eyewitness accounts”. The daily also reported that a case of negligent driving has been filed against the actress’ driver Ali Abbas. The deceased was not wearing a helmet and post the incident, the actress took the man to the hospital.


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